Going Beyond Recruiters and Job Postings to get Every Role Filled in Less than 30 days


Going Beyond Recruiters and Job Postings to get Every Role Filled in Less than 30 days

For Business Owners, Executives and Hiring Managers.

During this Network & Learn event, we'll showcase how cutting edge technology and innovative processes were applied in 4 business cases to solve challenging hiring needs. Cases include:

  • Filling over 60 openings in less than 6 weeks without an HR Department
  • Attracting Cleared software developers for building product for the Intelligence community
  • Developing a "hot" Employer Brand to attract top talent to a "not so hot" manufacturing company 
  • Applying digital inbound marketing principles to radically transform recruitment for a 115 year old professional services firm 

Goal: Take the tools and strategies you'll learn about during this presentation to your business to solve your current hiring problems. 

After the presentation of the business cases, you will get a chance to discuss strategies in an informal peer-to-peer session. In addition, you will get a chance to have a 1-on-1 talk with the CEO of TalentCMO, who will be on-site to provide you with personalized advice for hiring the best.

Event details:
Networking: 5:30-6:15
Case Studies: 6:15-6:45
Peer-to-Peer Session: 6:45-7:30 pm

Brought to you by TalentCMO.

TalentCMO helps small and medium sized businesses identify, attract, screen, schedule, and hire top talent for critical job openings. Through the application of SaaS technologies and proven workflow processes, TalentCMO's solutions drive down the cost per hire, increase candidate flow, and reduce time needed to fill your open roles. Business co-founders, Austin Meyermann and Alison Small, have 25 years of combined experience in recruiting and human resources.