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Our team is looking for a Digital Content Writer aka WordSmith Extraordinaire.

Writing has always come easily to you. You recognized early on that there is immense power in the written word and that through dedication to your craft you could access this power. You love creating stories. Your voice can clearly be heard in your work.  You live in a digital world and could provide a list, off the top of your head, of blogs that you read on a regular basis and places that you are an active contributor.

If this sounds like you, “Read on!”

We have an immediate need for a part-time writer with strong editing skills to join our startup in Frederick, MD. You should be able to work out of the home office from time to time, but working remotely is totally cool with us if that is your thing.

A little bit about us...

TalentCMO is HR’s Marketing Partner. We believe that there is a pretty big opportunity in the space between talent and companies that need talent. Recruiters and job ads have lived in this space for a long time…we haven’t been impressed with their results and we think there is room for a better solution. 

TalentCMO believes that the entire process of connecting talent with opportunity can be reimagined. Here are several of our theses:

  1. Candidates are consumers and they shop for their next opportunity the same way that they shop for products.
  2. Recruiting is a marketing exercise and there are more than enough HR activities for HR without expecting them to do marketing too.
  3. Companies recruit on-demand, however, at this point it is already too late. Pre-demand recruiting is the future.
  4. Systematic and iterative testing of methodologies is a good thing. Why not apply this to talent acquisition in form of iterative, split A/B testing of content, job ads, workflow, etc.


  • Work with Clients to develop job descriptions that capture the “why” behind the work, tell the story of the company, and compel top talent to imagine and consider a job with one of our Clients as their next great opportunity.
  • Manage the posting, re-posting, and performance optimization of job openings across relevant job boards.
  • Package interested candidates into semiweekly submittals to our Clients for review.
  • Breathe life into stale corporate subject matters to create compelling content that can be shared across social media.
  • Review and proof all copy that will released by TalentCMO into the public domain.


  • BA/BS degree in English, Writing, Journalism, etc.
  • 2+ years of experience in a professional work environment
  • Compulsion to create meaningful and creative work
  • Commitment to setting and meeting expectations
  • Demonstrated track record of accomplishments and achievements in your professional or academic endeavors (ex. Awards, Honor Society, Deans List, etc.)
  • Implicit understanding of how digital copy is written and consumed
  • Familiarity with, or better yet, you regularly read The Muse 
  • Dedication to passions/hobbies outside of the office
  • Ability to provide several samples of your writing work

Because we believe strongly in growing a company with an enviable culture, the type of people on the team really matter. If we were to imagine your intangibles they might read like this…

You are a humanist.
You value wellness (physical and mental) in yourself and your team members.
You are comfortable with and aware of your own contradictions.
You know how to debate and work through confrontation in a healthy and respectful way.
You are comfortable working with and, at times, educating founders in your areas of expertise.
You are curious about things you don’t know about.
You believe a question is much, much more valuable than a statement.


To learn more about TalentCMO and our culture, please click here

Written byAna Filipovic Windsor, Digital Marketing Specialist, TalentCMO

Ana Filipovic Windsor