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New Doesn't Have to be Uncomfortable: Story of Transition

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Maybe you are like me. Or maybe you know someone like me.

For over 30 years I have worked for big corporations.  Really big companies.  More than 300,000 employees big. Working long and working hard were badges of honor. Putting personal calendars second was a way to move ahead. “Doing what was best” generally meant doing what was best for the company, not what was best for the family.

I am fortunate to have (almost) always had managers of high integrity. I have also experienced high reward structures to reinforce all the ‘company-first’ behaviors. So, don’t get me wrong; I knew exactly what was going down and I knew my role in the whole thing. It was really all I knew.  
I’ll spare you the story of how I have come to be a member of a small company. But this is not easy. The focus here is working hard while we’re here. But family and other obligations are on a par with work. Kids actually seem to rate higher than tasks. It’s very strange.  

I leave the office when I have reached a good stopping point. I’m sure the day will come when I’ll need to put in extra hours. But it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll be ready when it happens for sure.

The owner of this business tells people that he is grateful. He says thank you while looking you in the eye. It feels like he really means it. It’s just really strange. I haven’t experienced anything like this - maybe ever. This is an incredible business with an idea whose time has definitely come. I feel like I’m a part of something that is very innovative. The service and product we provide is really fresh and new. There is integrity here. There is a strong desire to make things better for the client - just like the “big companies.” Only nothing here is like the big companies.

This is life outside of the Matrix. I think I’m going to like it here.

Written by: Donna Kelly, Senior Engagement Manager, TalentCMO

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