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Looking for an internship? Join Teaming for Talent!

Are you looking for a real-life internship opportunity? Join TalentCMO's Teaming for Talent internship program now! 


We have three paid part-time internship positions available immediately. If we both feel like it is a good fit, you have the opportunity to continue your internship into the summer for academic credit. Your job will be comprised of 75% non-routine tasks focused on exploring your talents and interests, with the goal of helping inform your desired career path. During your TalentCMO Teaming for Talent internship, you'll work directly with owners and leaders. You will also have access to the Teaming for Talent network, events, and career resources.

Current Open Positions

Digital Content Writer Intern

Our team is looking for a talented student to perform duties of a Digital Content Writer Intern...aka WordSmith Extraordinaire!


Writing has always come easily to you. You recognized early on that there is immense power in the written word and that through dedication to your craft you could access this power. You love creating stories. Your voice can clearly be heard in your work. You live in a digital world and could provide a list, off the top of your head, of blogs that you read on a regular basis and places that you are an active contributor.

If this sounds like you, “Read on!”

Videographer Intern

Our team is looking for a talented student to perform duties of a VideographerIntern and tell the story of TalentCMO and our clients through our Black Wall Studio production.


You have passion for creating videos that carry powerful messages and valuable information. You enjoy operating a camera, setting up a studio to complement the purpose of the video. You create amazing videos thanks to your editing skills and you are not afraid to experiment to reach your editing goals. You recognize the power that comes with being able to visually capture the essence of a talk, an idea, and present it to the right audience.

If this sounds like you, “Read on!”

Business Analyst Intern

TalentCMO is looking for a Business Analyst Intern to assist with delivering our signature service, Talent Magnet, to a variety of clients across multiple industries.


You like process and data. You really appreciate efficiency. You probably use a variety of apps to track your health, tasks, finances, and dinner reservations. You have best enjoyed jobs where you work with a team of smart, fun, and unique folks who also let you get your work done.

If this sounds like you, "Read on!"


Because we believe strongly in growing a company with an enviable culture, the type of people on the team really matter. If we were to imagine your intangibles they might read like this…

You are a humanist.
You value wellness (physical and mental) in yourself and your team members.
You are comfortable with and aware of your own contradictions.
You know how to debate and work through confrontation in a healthy and respectful way.
You are comfortable working with and, at times, educating founders in your areas of expertise.
You are curious about things you don’t know about.
You believe a question is much, much more valuable than a statement.

For any further information, please contact Teaming for Talent.

Written byAna Filipovic Windsor, Digital Marketing Specialist, TalentCMO

Ana Filipovic Windsor