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Awkward!! Dating or Hiring??

Awkward ; Black Wall Studio™ Production

Awkward; Black Wall Studio™ Production

I am glad that you responded to my ad!
I hope we can talk a couple of times and, if that goes well, meet face to face?
Just to be clear, if I like you, I am going to ask you to join me…but I need to know beforehand that you will say yes.
Oh, and while I appreciate a verbal commitment, I would like it in writing, just to make it official. And another thing...I need to know that you will stay with me for at least two years, preferably longer. During those two years, our relationship has to be exclusive.
Ultimately, if things come to an unfortunate end, you should know that you cannot be with anyone else for at least a year. That being said, if you are considering someone else, please give them my phone number so that I can give them some perspective of what it is like to be with you.                                            

Written by: Austin Meyermann, Founder and CEO of TalentCMO.

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