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The Dude and Why Style Matters: Going Beyond Transactional


“You and me, we have the same goal. JUST FILL THE JOB!”

These were the exact words shared with me by an internal recruiter employed by one of my clients.

Those words haunt me. As soon as they were shared with me, they stuck in my mind. This is one of the reasons that recruiters suck. 

As a recruiter, I work to connect top talent with their next great opportunity. If there is a person/role mismatch, it hurts the company, the candidate, and the recruiter’s reputation. 

As a recruiter, I realize that I generally don’t have to live with the direct consequences of a poor hire. Not my team, not my job, not my life. Everyone is a big boy/girl. Buyers/seller beware and do your due diligence. 

That would be so so so much easier than caring. Caring makes things messy. You second guess the hiring manager’s perception of needs and argue, you give candidates an off ramp if you have info that you can’t share but you know would hurt them…...you make things harder, overthinking fit/culture/potential. 


Well, maybe it’s because I care and, if I am going to be honest, I want people to care about me. Maybe I am not just looking to build my network but am actually trying to build my tribe. Maybe being in a transactional relationship just feels hollow and I need something more. 

A candidate called me before lunch today and he thanked me for my help in securing his next great opportunity. That felt good. He also mentioned that the experience he had working with me was different than working with other recruiters. That felt good. I asked him what was different and he said the process was open, transparent, well managed, and that I was responsive. Communication was not transactional. That felt good...but I also realized that I was doing good and for me, that matters. 

The more time I spend doing business, the more important it has become to do business with the right people. People that share similar business values, that want to engage, and who value trusted relationships. It has gotten easier for me to say to potential clients who are transactional that I may not the best fit for their needs. There may be nothing wrong with a transactional engagement, it’s just not my style and I think that might be the point...

Pulling a quote from the Big Lebowski:

The Stranger: “I like your style Dude” 
The Dude: “I like your style too, man.”

Written by: Austin Meyermann, Founder and CEO, TalentCMO

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