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How TalentCMO Advantage Works

A Recruitment Wellness Program

You're probably familiar with recruiters, posting jobs, and applicant tracking systems. But maybe you've never considered a talent management strategy that includes a comprehensive recruitment marketing approach. The TalentCMO Advantage is a total recruitment wellness program. We take a pre-demand approach, and apply technical marketing techniques so you can build your pipeline and prevent most recruitment emergencies.

You get:

A new careers website rich with video and photos of real employees;
A fully-managed digital recruitment program with all the elements of a healthy talent acquisition strategy, including a top-ranked ATS; 
Consultative support from a team that includes recruitment, creative, and marketing experts.

And don't worry - we can take care of your emergencies too. After 25 years in the biz and 15,000 hires, we know stuff happens.

A Partner, not a Product

There is no silver bullet that solves all recruitment challenges. Job boards still need someone to write and post compelling job descriptions on them, applicant tracking and engagement technologies still need people to manage them, and even the best recruiters won't break through the noise without the right messaging, tools, and platforms. And there is no substitute for a comprehensive, systematic, and flexible approach. 

With a partner like TalentCMO doing the heavy lifting, business leaders and HR managers can spend their time talking to great candidates, not hunting for them.

Pay for a Solution, Not a Salary

Business owners weigh buying and hiring decisions carefully. With TalentCMO there is never any obligation or long-term contracts. Buy just the solutions you need, or get a total recruitment solution with the TalentCMO Advantage for less than you'd pay for a part-time entry level recruiter. 

Why it Works: The Candidate Funnel

Based on the principle that candidates are consumers and applying is buying, TalentCMO uses digital marketing strategies to connect a company's opportunity to talent, wherever they might be.

The results are faster hires, lower costs, and talent better aligned with the company's core values.