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Employer Branding

What is your “sizzle” and “why?” Candidates want to know what is exciting about working for your company, and what its purpose for existence is so they can envision the role they'd play. Using TalentCMO's proprietary technique to develop your company's Employer Persona, The TalentCMO principals invest the time to uncover your company’s unique value proposition to talent. We use this narrative as the foundation on which to build and reinforce the employer brand through all of the talent touch points: career website, social media, and job ads. You will then get a copy of your Employer Persona to use for any of your future employer branding needs.

Career Website

Why use a product website to speak to your candidate audience? Display your authentic Employer Persona and company culture through a stand-alone Career Website. You get a dedicated and hosted candidate-centric career website that is rich with authentic video, images, and content that shows talent what working at your company is really like. Talent then can determine if this is a good fit for them. TalentCMO's creative team will guide your company's ambassadors in telling your unique story through high-quality photography, video and written content.

Job Ad Writing

Job ads are not the same as job descriptions. Candidates are consumers and the act of applying mirrors the act of buying. Job ads are marketing messages to entice candidates to learn more. We will re-write your job descriptions with compelling copy that reflects your unique Employer Persona which then prompts candidates to ask themselves: "Is this me?"

Posting, Syndication, & Analytics

We use the most effective digital marketing strategies on an ongoing basis to get the word out. Whether it is an urgent or anticipated role, TalentCMO helps companies target talent communities where they are, whether that's social media, job boards, professional talent communities, and/or email. Each of your roles will be tagged for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and syndicated across 100+ job sites. TalentCMO does not take a "post and hope" approach, but rather tweaks and tests titles and other variables to improve results through iteration. The analytics team reviews the data constantly to see what worked and what didn’t so improvements can be made.

Social Media Recruitment

With over 80% of the US population and 2.95 billion users globally using social networking, a social media recruitment strategy is key to communicating brand and opportunity in both a broad and targeted way. TalentCMO will implement and manage your company's social media recruitment programs to include custom graphics, images, CTAs, and social video clips that market your employer brand and specific opportunities to the right talent communities. Whether it is a targeted campaign or ongoing brand building, you won't have to worry about social media recruitment being one more item on your to-do list.

Applicant Management and Screening:  

TalentCMO partners with one of the top applicant tracking technologies, JazzHR, to integrate and administer a robust applicant tracking technology for job posting and candidate management. We design customized workflows, screening questionnaires, and conversational email communications so every applicant is left with a good impression of your brand, whether hired or not.

Expert Consultation & Creative Continuous Improvement

We see ourselves as your talent management partner. With the TalentCMO Advantage, you have ongoing access to our team of recruitment and marketing experts. We have over 25 years of experience in the field, and have overseen more than 15,000 hires, and we've leveraged that experience to create a durable solution to meet your talent acquisition goals. If a customer isn’t getting the results they need, we get creative. Having the flexibility to customize the program to a clients’ unique hiring needs sets the TalentCMO Advantage program apart.


Pay-per-Click and Paid Site Advertising

Sometimes the pressure is on and certain roles need an added boost or targeted exposure to make it to the top of the list. TalentCMO can manage additional paid advertising upon request and in a way that minimizes unnecessary expenses.

Recruitment Campaigns and Events

In cases where you need to make a large number of hires quickly, or want to take a more informal and low-pressure approach to interviewing, TalentCMO can help plan, schedule, promote, and execute recruitment campaigns and events such as open houses, job fairs, seminars, and speed-interviewing happy hours. We take a consultative approach to developing recruitment strategy so you get the most creative and effective solutions for your company's unique hiring challenges.

Direct Sourcing and Active Search

If you have a confidential, executive-level, or other specialized need that requires the dedicated full life cycle recruitment efforts of our principals then active search is the way to go. A variety of customized options are available for active search, including sourcing, qualifying, short listing, contingency search, and retained search. Approaches will depend on a client's needs and priced accordingly.