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Looking for a spring 2018 internship? We have two openings!

Are you looking for a real-life internship opportunity? Join TalentCMO's Teaming for Talent internship program now! 

We have two paid internship positions available immediately and with the opportunity to continue your internship into the spring 2018 semester for academic credit.

Your job will be comprised of 75% non-routine tasks focused on exploring your talents and interests, with the goal of helping inform your desired career path. 

During your TalentCMO Teaming for Talent internship, you'll work directly with owners and leaders. You will also have access to the Teaming for Talent network, events, and career resources.

Open Positions

Engagement Intern

Our team is looking for a talented student to perform duties of a Engagement Intern.


You enjoy making and creating connections with various business leaders and professionals. You thrive in an environment where you get to research different opportunities and share value with your network. You want to learn more about getting out there in the community and meeting new people. You challenge yourself each day by reading different materials and learning new methods/strategies you can use for your future. You are interested in the business world and how a typical workplace function and you want to help create strategies to make people’s experiences better.

If this sounds like you, “Read on!”

Employer Brand Advocate Intern

Our team is looking for a talented student to perform duties of a Employer Brand Advocate Intern.


You enjoy telling stories. You understand that there is immense power in using social media and other digital platforms. You understand, or are willing to learn, the importance of company’s employer brand. You also understand the role digital world plays in marketing and advertising today. You also have an interest in videography and sharing stories through photos and videos. You are interested in a career in human resources, recruiting, or marketing. Organizing college or outside school events has always been something you enjoyed doing. You have an interest in learning more about career opportunities in Frederick and how to attract talent to this community.

If this sounds like you, “Read on!”

Because we believe strongly in growing a company with an enviable culture, the type of people on the team really matter. If we were to imagine your intangibles they might read like this…

You are a humanist.
You value wellness (physical and mental) in yourself and your team members.
You are comfortable with and aware of your own contradictions.
You know how to debate and work through confrontation in a healthy and respectful way.
You are comfortable working with and, at times, educating founders in your areas of expertise.
You are curious about things you don’t know about.
You believe a question is much, much more valuable than a statement.

For any further information, please contact us at info@talentcmo.com.

Ana Filipovic Windsor