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Why Good Judgement Still Matters


We live in a hyper connected world. Things move so fast. Our schedules are over committed. Communication is reactionary.

It feels like we are choosing reaction over judgement and, if this is the case, it might be at the expense of our own personal success. 

Consider the following situation...

Imagine you have a customer that had committed to signing off on the deal you have proposed. However, the same customer has made this commitment verbally every week, for several weeks, and has continuously failed to meet the expectations they set. 

How would you react if you got a call from your sales manager asking why you haven’t closed the deal? Imagine how you would feel in this situation. What action would you take?

Most of us, myself included, would probably react by picking up the phone to call the customer again to try and get the deal closed. 

In making this call, we might have constructed a mental narrative around the broken promises of the customer (they were wrong), that we had done the work to get the deal (we did right), and that we need to get this deal done to make our boss happy (personal need). 


What will be the potential consequences of making this reactionary call and how could this affect success? Will the customer be annoyed or feel pressured? Walk through the possible outcomes of making this call. If you have any doubt about the outcome being in the interests of all parties, take a step back and reassess. There is time. Use your judgement and increase the chances of your success. 

Written by: Austin Meyermann, Founder and CEO, TalentCMO

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