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Reaching Recruiters: Make Your Resume Stick

Fit drives Stick

I recently reviewed a resume for a friend who was applying everywhere but not getting any bites. It was one of the best accounting operations resumes I’ve ever read. It was nicely arranged, clearly articulated, really highlighted her experience with managing A/P, A/R, and payroll! I had no idea why she wasn’t getting any calls for accounting jobs. I admitted defeat and told her that.

“But I’m applying for marketing roles mainly. And some in customer service.”

Huh.  Ok…

Recruiters and hiring managers can tell when you are just clicking “apply” indiscriminately and hoping something sticks without tailoring your resume to the job you are applying to. It usually goes something like this:

  • No summary or objective to explain the change in your career path;
  • No clear experience connected to job posting;
  • Cover letter that still has the last job applied to in the subject line.

Those resumes don’t get a second look. They know you don’t really want this particular job. How much time do you invest in your resume and cover letter to get your dream job?    

I told her to be more selective about applying, and to clarify what she wanted to do…in her own mind and on her resume. It’s not a numbers game -  it’s a fit game. Don’t spend your time applying everywhere and seeing what sticks. It’s not a recruiter’s job to divine from your resume where to place you. They’re paid to find people for their jobs, not jobs for the people. Make your resume the one that sticks. You can start by using these 43 tips from The Muse

Written by: Allison Small, Co-Founder and VP of Program Development and Execution, TalentCMO.

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