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How “Perfect” Jobs hurt Careers

Have you ever fantasized about the perfect job? Maybe you imagine being in a leadership role (VP, CEO, etc.) or creating an innovation that changes your industry. Or perhaps your perfect job is simply to live on an island in Australia getting paid $150,000/yr to play in the water (this actual job can be found here)! Whatever your perfect job is, you might want to reconsider turning down a "better" job while you wait.
The problem with waiting for a perfect job is that a perfect job is simply a dream and dreams are not goals. I am not saying don’t dream! Dreams are powerful and necessary. Dreams create a vision to instruct goal setting. Goals are the incremental building blocks of a dream. 


Think about how a collection of better jobs will incrementally lead to your perfect job.         
So what is a better job?

Let’s start with what a better job is not. A better job is not a job that simply pays more (given that your basic needs are currently being met). It is not a job that necessarily has more time off. It is not a job that looks and feels like your current job. In short, a better job is not about compensation or benefits or what is already familiar.
A better job is a job that will help you to grow. I would define a better job as a position that will positively challenge you at first, but over time will become easier as you develop competency and familiarity.  A better job might include one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Helps you to develop new skills.
  • Improves on an existing set of skills.
  • Moves you into or closer to the field of your choice.
  • Surrounds you with colleagues that will challenge you to excel.
  • Is dependent upon one or more of your personal strengths (not sure about what are your strengths? I recommend taking the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment).

We have a saying at our office, “Perfect is the enemy of better.” Starting tomorrow, break down your perfect job into a collection of requisite skills/experiences/etc. Objectively look at how your resume compares to what is required for your perfect job. There may be a few gaps or there may be many. Regardless, look for a better job that will specifically serve as a building block for your career and then bravely step forward. If worse comes to worst, I hear they are hiring in Australia!

Written byAustin Meyermann, CEO and Founder, TalentCMO

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