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Founder Profile: Austin Meyermann

We did it: it's TalentCMO's one-year anniversary!

An idea, combined with two great business partners and a small tribe of employees, turned into a life changing business with a purpose to bring the RIGHT talent to the RIGHT opportunity.

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Today, we are featuring one of our two founders in TalentCMO's blog:


Q: How and why did you start TalentCMO?

A: TalentCMO was started 24 months after having an idea that there has to be a better way to connect talent with opportunity. Having owned and operated both a job board business and a recruiting company, I think that I had a unique perspective on what solutions companies where using and how to address the gaps. Ultimately, I started TalentCMO after distilling the essence of talent acquisition down to the following concepts...that recruiting is marketing and candidates are consumers. It was these two concepts that created the vision to build a company focused on recruitment marketing, employer branding, and talent engagement. Functionally, I also started the company because I was lucky enough to find the right business partner to help me make it happen. 

Q: Favorite thing about TalentCMO and coming to work?

A: My favorite thing about TalentCMO is that I get to work with the best team to solve the most important challenge for most companies. I love coming to work to help companies who have the heart, but maybe not the know-how, to execute innovative and durable recruitment marketing programs. Seeing top talent get hired by our clients is very rewarding. 

Q: Goal for the future of TalentCMO?

A: I want to build out our tribe and dig deeper into the space between talent and opportunity. I think there are some cool discoveries to make and I trust the work to teach us. 

Q: Fun fact about your daily work schedule? 

A: One fun fact about my daily schedule is that there is actually is very little schedule.  

Q: What is one take-away that you learned from TalentCMO's one year of existence? 

A: One major take-away for me is that startup life is way better when shared. I have an awesome co-founder and our whole team works as peers. We are a tribe!

Thank you, Austin, for all you do! We appreciate you greatly at TalentCMO!

Written by: Ana Filipovic Windsor, Digital Marketing Specialist, TalentCMO

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