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Introducing our first Teaming for Talent Intern!

We are so excited to announce a great addition to our TalentCMO tribe. Dorette Pouchet joined us as our first Teaming for Talent intern. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Information Technology at Hood College and has a background in Accounting.

We first met her at Hood College's Career Fair and knew she would bring so much to the table if given an opportunity. This is her second week working for TalentCMO and she is originally from France. We chatted with her to find out why she decided to choose us as her employer and what she looks forward to while interning with TalentCMO. 

Dorette Pouchet, Business Analyst at TalentCMO,  Black Wall Studio™ 

Dorette Pouchet, Business Analyst at TalentCMO, Black Wall Studio™ 

Q. Tell us about yourself in a sentence or two.

A. I am a French graduate student and I just started this dream internship. I arrived to the U.S. almost two years ago and it still has a taste of holidays to me.

Q. What is your role at TalentCMO? 

A. My role at TalentCMO is being a Business Analyst. I am here to collect data and analyze it to understand what TalentCMO does best so we can provide the finest services to our clients.

Q. How did you join TalentCMO and what attracted you to TalentCMO? 

A. I joined TalentCMO for an internship after being introduced to the company at a career fair. I fell in love with the company's culture when I first read about it on their website. Meeting Austin and Ana just confirmed my excitement about this internship!! They are charged with positive energy and they have the mindset to help the team get the best out of working here.

Q. What is your goal from working with TalentCMO? 

A. By working here I hope to have a chance to help and make a difference in this industry. I am also aspiring to learn a lot and get inspired by my coworkers. Finally, I am looking to extend my skills to get ready to dive into the workforce when I obtain my Master's!

Q. What are you most excited about? 

A. What I am the most excited about is to share a part of this adventure with TalentCMO tribe.

Q. Fun fact about you? 

A. I am a travel lover. Hopefully, my dream will become a reality where I travel around the word for a whole year. Also, being from France probably helps it, but I am a huge foodie. Can't wait to try all of the international food.

Welcome Dorette! 

Connect with Dorette on LinkedIn.

Written by: Ana Filipovic Windsor, Digital Marketing Specialist, TalentCMO

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