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Recruiting is Momentum


Recruiting is Marketing.

This what we say at TalentCMO. But I am beginning to wonder if what we really should be saying is…

Recruiting is Momentum.

Momentum is the product of mass times velocity for all my non-physic nerds out there. Applied to recruiting, this conceptually translates to mass equalling the number of qualified candidates and velocity equalling your speed to hire.

The key to successful recruiting is to never let Momentum equal ZERO. Always have qualified candidates in the process and don’t let the process stall.

Hiring teams can fixate on a single strong candidate. If you do not have a least two strong candidates competing for an open position then there is a serious risk of losing momentum if your sole candidate falls out of the process.

ZERO candidates equals ZERO momentum.

Likewise, hiring teams can stall out on moving the hiring process forward due to scheduling conflicts (i.e. hiring manager is traveling for the next month). For the candidate, this means the momentum equals ZERO.

So how can progressive companies that are looking to fill their open roles with top talent maintain momentum?

The answer is twofold.

Practice your ABC’s...Always Be ‘Cruiting and schedule recruiting into your work week rather than trying to “fit it in.”

Always Be ‘Cruiting means that you should be recruiting for all your current roles and future roles, all the time, everywhere so that there is a continuous pipeline of talent. Keep job postings fresh, share opportunities across social media, schedule a monthly job fair, etc. Practicing these simple strategies will help ensure a mass of candidates.

To maintain velocity, hiring teams can schedule recruiting into 9-5 by simply dedicating time on their calendars. Majority of hiring managers do not schedule recruiting into their primary work hours yet it is one of their most critical jobs. Just like exercise, if you don’t commit to making it happen, nothing will happen.

The product of having a mass of candidates moving with velocity through your hiring process is awesome hires. Maintain momentum to win!

Written by: Austin Meyermann, Founder and CEO, TalentCMO

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