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Meet Our Recruiting Coordinator!

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Angela Crowell, Recruiting Coordinator at TalentCMO

Angela Crowell, Recruiting Coordinator at TalentCMO

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Angela Crowell joined our TalentCMO tribe in August. Even though she’s only been with us for a couple of months, she has already proven herself to be tremendously valuable to our team! We asked her a few questions to introduce her and her role to you.

Q. Tell us about yourself in a sentence or two.

A. I'm originally from Michigan and moved to Maryland seven years ago.

Q. What is your role at TalentCMO? 

A. I'm the Recruiting Coordinator. I post and close job positions on job boards, review resumes, and prescreen candidates to deliver only the qualified ones to our clients.  

Q. How did you join TalentCMO and what attracted you to TalentCMO? 

A. My kids started school full-time and I wanted to gradually get back into recruiting. This position was perfect with flexible schedule and allowing me to relearn what I've missed out on during the past few years while being a stay at home mom.

Q. What is your goal from working at TalentCMO? 

A.  My goal is to gain more knowledge of the recruiting world so I can brush up on my skills.

Q. What are you most excited about? 

A. I'm excited to be back working in recruiting again!

Q. Fun fact about you? 

A. I really enjoy baking!

Welcome, Angela!

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