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Meet Our Spring Interns: Part 1

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We are so excited to announce another great addition to our TalentCMO tribe. Jazmyne Howard is one of our spring interns and she will be performing a role of a Social Media Engagement and Employer Advocate intern. She is currently pursuing Bachelor's degree in Strategic Communications at Shepherd University

Below is a short Q&A session with Jazmyne. She told us fun facts about her, why she chose to intern with us, and what she looks forward to while interning at TalentCMO. 

Jazmyne Howard, Social Media Enagagment and Employer Advocate Intern at TalentCMO,  Black Wall Studio™ 

Jazmyne Howard, Social Media Enagagment and Employer Advocate Intern at TalentCMO, Black Wall Studio™ 

Q. Tell us about yourself in a sentence or two.

A. Hi everyone! I am from Leesburg, Virginia and I go to Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I am honored that I have been able to be a collegiate athlete on the Shepherd Women’s Basketball team these past four years. I am majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing. My family and friends mean the most to me and I have a slight obsession with candles!

Q. What is your role at TalentCMO? 

A. Social Media Engagement and Employer Advocate Intern are my roles here at TalentCMO. Each day I am responsible for helping tell the employer brand story of our clients through multiple social media outlets and other marketing opportunities. 

Q. How did you join TalentCMO and what attracted you to TalentCMO? 

A. In search of an internship for one of my classes, I found TalentCMO on Indeed.com. What initially attracted me were the location, as well as the description of the actual internship. I didn’t want just any internship; I wanted something that would teach me new things and something that I can use once I graduate. Based on both of my interviews, I could tell it was an inviting and exciting place to work and I knew it would be a perfect fit!

Q. What is your goal from working at TalentCMO? 

A. My goal from working at TalentCMO is to continue to build upon my experience so that I am able to use it and apply it once I am out in the big world with a big girl job. Everyone needs stepping stones and I feel working here is a positive step in the right direction. Gaining more skills is something I look forward to. 

Q. What are you most excited about? 

A. I am most excited about researching different algorithms and metrics that I will be able to use when assisting in TalentCMO’s postings. I am excited to also share many of my ideas and just simply provide my input to the team!

Q. Fun fact about you? 

A. Fun fact about me is that I love to cook and bake. Call me Chef Jazzy!

Welcome, Jazmyne! 

Connect with Jazmyne on LinkedIn.

Written by: Ana Filipovic Windsor, Digital Marketing Specialist, TalentCMO

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