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How TalentCMO Advantage Helps You

Need to attract great candidates and spend less time hunting them?

Let's face it, your HR team doesn't need one more thing on their to-do list. The TalentCMO Advantage is a comprehensive recruitment marketing program. We apply technical marketing techniques so you can build your pipeline and prevent recruitment emergencies. 

With a partner like TalentCMO doing the heavy lifting, spend your time talking to great candidates, not hunting for them.


Attract Better Talent, Get Faster Hires, all at a Lower Cost

TalentCMO helps companies market their employer brand to attract great talent to their companies.


  • A fully-managed digital recruitment program with all the elements of a talent acquisition strategy, including job description re-writing and top-ranked ATS; 
  • A new careers website rich with video and photos of real employees;
  • Social media recruitment on all known platforms;
  • Consultative support from a team that includes recruitment, creative, and marketing experts.


Pay for a Solution, Not a Salary

With TalentCMO there is never any obligation or long-term contracts. Buy just the solutions you need, or get a total recruitment solution with the TalentCMO Advantage for less than you'd pay for a part-time entry level recruiter.