Hiring Manufacturing Positions

Case Study: Mid-size Manufacturer

the challenge

A family-owned, mid-sized manufacturer, with a traditional product but innovative leadership and appealing culture, was having a challenge casting the appropriate net to find top talent. They used a paper and email-based application system, and had difficultly managing referrals and weeding through unqualified resumes.

Their HR Department of one was stretched to its limits with essential, competing priorities, and unable to devote the time to building a pipeline and leveraging talent as a competitive resource in a thin-margin industry.

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the solution

TalentCMO facilitated a group session to complete the company's Employer Persona to capture their "sizzle" and the "why" behind their work. Each job description was edited to align with what their company could offer, posted via the new career website and syndicated to 100+ talent touch points.

As a result of TalentCMO's enagagement, candidate flow and quality was increased, allowing HR and Leadership to focus on connecting with the top talent attracted by their unique employer brand offering, rather than hunting for them.

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