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Case Studies

#1 Social Sports League

#2 Insurance Agency

#3 Search Service Firm


A fast-growing social sports league had to make 65 hires in 6 weeks in order to effectively meet their client demand. They had just undergone re-branding of their corporate values and hired a manager to oversee recruitment.

However, they were under-resourced to handle the need for such hiring surge using traditional recruitment process. They also wanted to creatively incorporate their values into the hiring process.

The Challenge

A 115-year old insurance agency, with 6 regional offices and a reputation for integrity, realized that to mitigate its own risk, it would need a talent strategy focused on recruiting the next generation of insurance professionals to meet its growth goals. One of the key principals for the agency summed it up clearly: “No one ever says they want to be in insurance when they grow up. It’s a great career, but the average age in the industry is over 50 -- we recognize that as a risk to our business. We are always hiring, but we’re not always recruiting. And we should be."

The Challenge

A professional executive search services firm that specializes in a niche industry, wanted to update its brand promise to candidates, create a new and responsive website that could speak to both client and candidate audiences, and increase candidate flow for hard-to-find skill sets. They also wanted a robust social media presence, but did not have the internal resources to dedicate to that ongoing effort.


TalentCMO created a customized recruitment process that aligned with their values and branding, a career website site that reflected their "Make Fun Possible" brand promise, and launched an event-based recruitment campaign.

Using newly created and applied technical screening tools, applicants were pre-qualified and invited to a "huddle" where interviews were conducted in a fast, effective, and brand-aligned manner. The result was successfully staffing the needed roles on time, with more top talent than before.

The Solution

The agency enlisted TalentCMO to create a new career website to showcase all the benefits of working for a solid and reputable firm, and the lighter side of the company culture, using video and imagery. Knowing that the client was in it for the long game, TalentCMO implemented a pre-demand recruitment strategy that included social media recruitment and other targeted messaging to highlight anticipated needs, as well as the flexibility of working in any one of the 6 locations. The result was the establishment of a pipeline of potential talent, all managed in an applicant tracking system that was fully administered by TalentCMO.

The Solution

TalentCMO’s creative team provided a new logo that communicated the industry expertise and professionalism of the company, as well as created a responsive and visually appealing website. Dedicated social accounts we also created and posts with original content and graphics were pushed regularly to increase reach and impressions. Then TalentCMO executed an integrated, multi-platform, on-going campaign through newly created job ad content, SEO, and posting management. The result was a significant increase in qualified candidate flow, enhanced name recognition in the industry, and new client inquiries.